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I recently read the email you sent to the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) in which you chastised teachers, called them lazy, and even expressed that as a job recruiter, you send the resumes of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) alum applicants to the shredder.

The email Steve sent to CTU leadership.

As you wrote in your email, it is a real shame that you would try to belittle some of the most compassionate, talented, and hardest-working educators I have come across. You see, I am an alum of CPS, so I can tell you first-hand that you are wrong to call CPS teachers lazy.

While some teachers might be burned out after years of teaching, given that they are underpaid, underappreciated, and work in stress-inducing conditions, they still move forward. If it were not for my teachers, I would not have discovered my passion for reading or writing. If it were not for my teachers, I would not have broken out of my shell. If it were not for my teachers, I would not have been able to process the grief I experienced when my father passed away during my junior year of high school.

You see, I’ve come across some true heroes as a student of CPS. Not only have my teachers made an impact on my life, but they have also made an impact on the lives of many students. They have been the shoulders to cry on when things get tough. They would go out of their way to make their classrooms safe spaces for their students. They would encourage their students to follow their dreams.

Teachers are more than just educators, they are the parental figures for some students, they are the love and compassion that most students do not receive, they are the lifelines for students at the end of the rope.

So, instead of demeaning a group of professionals trying to fight for a fair and safe environment, you should worry about your career as a recruiter. After all, you openly admitted to discriminating against job applicants who attended Chicago Public Schools.

You said in your email to CTU leadership that what they’ve done to the children is criminal. What they’ve done to me was provide me with the necessary tools and skills to attend college and earn my degree, land a full-time job in the field of communications, and enroll in graduate school. What a crime indeed.

A picture from my college graduation photoshoot celebrating my accomplishment of being one of the first in family to earn a Bachelor’s degree.



Daniel is a recent graduate of Loyola University Chicago where he obtained his B.A. in Multimedia Journalism. He is a passionate storyteller and Twitter user.